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hundreds of dead or malnourished animals and overrun with rats and spiders. a teenager's death led to the disgusting discovery and the teen's mother faced a judge today. good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and 9 dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web >>wgn's tom negovan is live in maywood with the latest ... >>49 year-old lydia price had
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not much to say on her way out of the court room ... prosecutors did give notice that there will be seeking an increase in her bond they've not specify how much for now she is free after putting up 10 percent of hundred thousand dollars bond on monday night person 14 year- old matthew was found barely clothed and dying on the lawn of her berwyn home last thursday afternoon inside the home people found police found four other children and almost 200 malnourished and diseased animals and absolutely filthy conditions she is charged with criminal neglect of a disabled child animal hoarding ... it's believed that bronchial pneumonia took the life of her son and her other children displayed flu like symptoms
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their in-state protective custody ... first responders said they never saw anything like this in decades ... there was no running water and no working toilets the last six months none of the five children attended school both the woman and a lawyer declined to speak to the media ... there will be back in court on october the seventh at which time prosecutors will likely seek an unspecified increase in her bond and possibly announce the filing of new charges against 49 year-old lydia price is 14 year-old boy is on life-
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support children's moral hospital. as police look for the attacker was a really be the teenager last night. nancy loo is live in logan square with the very latest on the investigation >>the teenage victim lives just two blocks from here he was almost tom when he was savagely beaten last night now he is in a coma and his family says that there is little else they can do besides pray. >>he was a good boy ... >>brian deleon was a military academy student and he was found unconscious on the sidewalk near west bloomingdale when he was spotted by his girlfriend at 920 last night the wounds on his head were so severe police had thought initially was shot. >>didn't find any bullets so we
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think maybe he was hit with a bat ... >>the boys spent the evening studying with his girlfriend and was walking home from her house speaking with her on the cellphone when she heard a commotion in the line went dead unfortunately there were no witnesses to the attacker and the surveillance cameras on the block police say that the boy is not gang affiliated but the area is known for some gang activity ... >>their kids that hang around here that look like they have gang activity and drug activity it's not much but they do have some here and there is some going on ... >>the teenager recently graduated from case elementary school and he recently went to visit his principle earlier this week ... >>it's unconscionable what happened to one of our beautiful children >>he underwent brain surgery overnight and he is undergoing life-support his condition as
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grave >>chicago police are also looking for a suspect and a motive in the beating death of a man and his northwest side home julian crews has the story from the jefferson park neighborhood >>chicago police said that the victim suffered massive blood force trauma to the had the victim of a vicious beating the motive for the attack is not yet clear michael justo was found in the basement he was 56 years old elected 5331 north northwest highway his family found him in the basement beat and to death ... police investigators are tight-lipped at this point about the investigation we don't know the motive in the meantime those who knew the victim said there
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were sad to hear the news >>he was a great guy to or three times a day you'd see him walking his dogs around the neighborhood he would stop by and chat. >>it's hard to believe >>there's a big number of police resources at the crime scene we saw paintings and other objects being removed from the home forensics is going to incredible lengths to uncover anything they can find like dna or fingerprints to shed light on what happened to this that the six year-old city worker bludgeoned to death in his own home >>11100 chicago police officers are being added to street patrols. this morning mayor emanuel has that hundred and 14 officers from special units and administered positions are being reassigned. during the election rahm emanuel promised to add 1000 officers to the streets. by his count 881 officers has now
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been added to beat patrols fraternal order of police union leaders and some alderman claim that the mayor and the superintendent garry mccarthy i just like a shell game with existing personnel. the superintendent said that's exactly what they are doing trading bureaucracy for more beat cops >>we had too many officers doing jobs that need to be doing to put them out on the street >>union leaders what city hall to new hire new officers to fill the ranks which are down due to vacancies and retirements officers begin their new assignments tomorrow and will be placed in every district in the city >>chicagoans can now see every crime committed of the past 10 years. beginning today more than 4.6 million crime reports dating back to 2001 will be available online in a searchable database the new database will be updated daily allowing residents to check crime stats in the neighborhood also included are where the crime
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took place and if there were any arrests made city officials said that the new website is another attempt for mayor rahman annual to make city dealings more transparent. another unhealthy air quality warning has been issued for the chicago-area as smoke from a fire hundreds of miles away continues wasting our way the fire has been burning of forests in northern minnesota since the middle of last month a combination of the oddly winds and sinking air is pushed the stock to 500 mi. south of us local fighter garments were flooded with phone calls when the smoke and haze reach the northwest suburbs and then chicago it's been thick enough in some areas cause eye irritation and breathing problems republican announced was a major upset by winning a democratic seat in new york what it could mean for president obama's reelection
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held by former u.s. circuit the tiv anthony wiener. former cable-tv executive bob turner 1 yes today'sterday's special election in new york's ninth diskdistrict which covers parts of brooklyn and queens anthony wiener resign from the seat last june over a sext-ing scatndal.. in nevada republican mark amodei when the special is action to fill the seat of former congressman gene heller heller was appointed to replace former
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u.s. senator john ensign. vincent resigned from the senate last may after acknowledging an affair with staffers wife ... >>afghanistan's capital is relatively cut todaycom today after taliban insurgents ended the day long attack on the u.s. and ec and nato command the insurgents had several targets in cobblecobble with small arms fire yesterday to police compounds were attacked one of them a suicide bomber just one day after the attorney for two american hikers at his clients would be released from and running in prison there is a new legal setback yesterday the attorney and the rest president
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announce that josh fattal and shane bauer will be released after posting a five and $2,000 bail now imposing on iran's judiciary website contradicts that sing the palace considering bill for the pair ... net government investigators are expected to blame bp and its contractors for the mistakes that led to lester's massive oil spill thatin the gulf of mexico the explosion on the deep water rise and will reporthorizon oil rig killed 11 workers and sent more that 4 million bar. of oil spewing into the gulf the wall street journal says that final report on the
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disaster could be released as soon as today is expected to blame be before trying to save time and money without considering the consequences to safety and the rigs contractor transit ocean for continuing work on the well despite the possible hazards the rules are changing for children at airports to carry checks children under the age of 12 bills will be allowed to keep the issues on walking to screenings the number of times children are patted down will be reduced but not eliminated airport screeners will have the option of swapping children's hands for explosive residue greece and his talks with european nations to avoid default ...
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traders are saying that it's a very emotional nonvolatile market right now because of just a lot of confusion over how this bailout is taking shape over in europe ... the dow gained more than 80 points at this hour there still some optimism in the markets investors are hoping things will be worked out in europe. greece is basically cooked there is a 90 percent chance of the country's bankruptcy ... market watchers say it's as dysfunctional as it gets ... it's quite as close to a full- blown banking crisis in europe ...
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in detroit the uaw and general motors are hammering out a new contract and their close to reaching a tentative deal it could be announced as early as today the current contract expires at midnight ... beer sales are fizzling out lately according to the beverage in permission group the future of the beer industry does not look promising because of high employment rising commodity costs ... but highhanded craft beers are growing in sales ... the lackluster jobs market is affecting sales at big retailers and there's a crisis
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include consumer confidence it's a growing problem in many communities ... pat theftset thefts... jennifer weigel of trib-u is here with us for some advice there are lots of increases in these pad robbery iset thefts.. it's terrible they are being used for dog
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rangsings and experiments and bake for wild animals the amount of cruelty is just horrendous out there here are some tips never leave your dog or your pet in a locked car ... or outside of any place you are shopping were doing business done disclose too much information about your pet to strangers ... if you have a picture of your dog that's a
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good thing because you need proof it's your pad and you need to make signs and circulate the information to locate it ... be sure that your microchip information is up to date for the past and don't become part of the problem ... don't purchase paths from illegitimate
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sources ... it's a multimillion- dollar industry and people don't realize what's going on out there ... you have more tips on your web site to read more about protecting your pet from thieves or for other life lessons like this one had over 2 chicago and next have struggling homeowners could get thousands of dollars in mortgage help under new federal program coming to chicago and on tuesday secured 27 of wgn is sponsoring the naacp professional and executive diver x@z@wp!ympixop>@?@rhú@ú(ú@b
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the head of chicago public
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schools faced off with that of the teachers' union and public debate of a longer days and other matters. the cps chief jean-claude brizard and union president karen lewis answered questions at the u i c forum yesterday they agreed on some topics but they continued to disagree on likening the school day this year. seven schools of now agree to do that in exchange for teacher raises an additional funding the union says that school officials are trying to bypass their contract. last week the teachers' union filed a formal complaint accusing cps of illegally negotiating with individual schools. for the 34th year in a row cook county tax bills will be mailed out late. cook county treasurer maria pappas says her office plans to malacek and installment
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notices at the beginning of october. right now the treasurer's websites as those bills will tentatively be due the first week in november. an official date will be announced once property values and tax rates are finalized by the cook county assessor and the cook county clerk's office. chicago area homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure and qualify for some relief the so-called hardest-hit fund provides an unemployed or underemployed homeowner with up to $25,000 or 18 months in mortgage help the federally funded program could help as many as 15,000 homeowners who were rejected by other assistance programs the program carries a long list of the eligibility requirements but homeowners to meet all the criteria do not have to repay the loan >>in chicagocicero details are being
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revealed in court filings on sexual harassment suits against cicero manager larry dominick ... >>a chicago businessman wants to turn the thompson center and into a casino and governor quinn reportedly is considering a plan. the thompson center at clark and randolph is the current headquarters for state government according to the sun- times chicago and chamber of commerce president jerry roper believes that illinois should sell the building to private developers for a chicago land- based casino governor quinn denied vita the idea say decisions about where new casino should be located is up to the illinois gaming board. >>facebook says it is tweaking the way its members can organize and interact with
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friends in their network it says it will offer smart lists that automatically organize friends into four different categories work school family and city users can also make lists of close friends and acquaintances or even a list of restricted people like bosses who they are wary of sharing too much information what facebook hopes that the changes will help solve what founder mark zuckerberg calls the biggest problem and social networking which is getting people comfortable to share their lives that exposing too much to the wrong people. >>paul mccartney is reportedly getting married this weekend. us weekly says the music legend will marry fiancee nancy shevell during a live small ceremony at his farmhouse in england ... he proposed to the transportation heiress in april with a reported $650,000 engagement ring this will be paul mccartney's third marriage.
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in 2008 his divorce from heather mills will cost him a reported $35 million despite that messy breakup mccarty is not getting a prenuptial agreementitst
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i actually pulled out my wool sweater today ... >>what's interesting is that it will warm up in about two weeks. yesterday we had a breeze, off the lake and then that smoking
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is banned blowing down from minnesota so when the lake breezes come in the air sinks out over the lake we had low visibility only 3 mi. from that wildfire all of those northern counties along the lake and into wisconsin had some difficulty with it ... it's the largest fire since 1918 and minnesota several hundreds of thousands of acres ... we're looking inch hours coming from the southwest we have rain that is the steady but light we believe it will settle to the south as the day goes on but in comes the cool air look at the temperatures at
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noon ... it's in the 40's will to the north of us so that means we've got that cool air mass it will dominate the weather over the most of the eastern half of north america ... northwest winds are blowing their will strengthen and turn on like the fact cloudsn lake efect clouds.. 71 as the lake water temperature
12:34 pm
we have high mold spore counts of a pollen counts are moderates ... rockford and dekalb counties may see a patch of frost we have very light rain it is currently 56 at 0 hera 60 at midway
12:35 pm
the heaviest rain will be down state. we have light to moderate rain here especially in the southern suburbs.. it will clear up after the dinner hour here in chicago. the wind will becoming and north northeast
12:36 pm
it may be the earliest 60 degree temperature and 50 years this is a very rare cool air mass coming two weeks earlier than comparable temperatures one year ago there will be a big warmup and about two weeks
12:37 pm
the warm weather is not over yet we will warm up over the weekend the high today will be 65 but will fall into the 50s tonight mean the clear breezy and chilelly the western north suburbs will see some frost it will be 40 at o'hare overnight 50 in the loop partly sunny continued cool on friday
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we go up to 70 saturday and stay there into monday we may get some showers by sunday into monday thank you tom it is time now for today's trivia question: which riders autobiography was published 100 years after his death at his
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sources are telling the sun- times that gm kenny williams will return next year but williams did not say he would keep ozzie guillen as manager a star from the 2005 world series team joe crede throwing
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out the first pitch. the sox loaded the bases in the fourth inning but tigers ace and justin brad lander strikes out gordon beckham to end the inning ... sox down a run in the sixth inning when victor martinez had a three run homer off of gavin floyd the white sox was shut out 5-0 they wrap up the series at the cell this afternoon the cubs are going for four in a row against the reds the first batter ryan dempster faces has a solo home run to right field that's brendan phillips' third homerun in two games in the fifth inning another run was singled that's all i dempster allowed in seven innings but the cubs offense cannot help him cut the cubs lost 2-1 the bears linebacker brian urlacher has left the team to deal with a
12:42 pm
family emergency in arizona involving his mother. he will be gone for least a few days and his status for sunday's game against the saints is unclear he scored a touchdown had an interception and 10 tackles last week's win against the falcons ... in today's lottery the pick three winning numbers are: 2 7 7 here are the winning pick four numbers: 4 2 4 9
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return of some red light cameras. village leaders agreed last night to reactivate the cameras at the intersection of busse road and devon ave. there were 29 accidents from january
12:46 pm
to august of this year way up from 10 during the same period last year. back in september village leaders voted to deactivate the cameras for one year with a review of six months off to see the cameras were effective. some drivers complained that the cameras saying that they did not like at the tickets were issued and claiming that they weren't always fair. one chicago aldermen wants to treat by cyclists just like drivers by banning them from texting on the road. 39th ward alderman marge laurino said this is a common-sense way to protect pedestrian's choice to keep bicyclist from talking on hand held cellphones and texting while riding violators would face a fine marge laurino said that bicyclists can be distracted just like other drivers said they should have to follow the same rules. in a medical watched federal health officials issued a warning about cantaloupe after a bacterial outbreak blamed for four deaths the warning is for
12:47 pm
cantaloupe ground and the rocky ford area of colorado the cdc says that for people in colorado and new mexico have died from list. infection and numerous cases of the bacteria have been reported in six different states is the first listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupe in the united states list. infection primarily affects older people pregnant women newborn babies and adults with weakened immune systems new research shows a daily dose of vitamin b six can help fight off alzheimer's disease vitamins and folic acid reduced memory decline by 70 percent in some elderly patients it also cut the rate of brain shrinkage in half for some patients a septum that can lead to a full-blown alzheimer's researchers say full-scale national trial to test the effect of b vitamins will start sometime next year. you have heard it before but laughter may really be the best
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from michael jordan's steakhouses here today and he's going to show us a new take on a lunchtime favorite. we are going to work with the meyer lemon we are just going to assess that it's a cross between a lemon and a tangerine ... and we will also squeeze some of the jews this will lighten up that traditionally heavy mayonnaise laden crab louis dishes from the past i'm going to end a little bit of onion flavor for more sweetness and a touch of honey ... and a little champagne vinegar will be added into distressing to
12:52 pm
balance this out and rapeseed oilgrapeseed oil.. it's a bit lighter than olive oil which would overpower the crab.. adding sea salt and some pepper ... now we're going to get some vegetables to the crab i have colossal crab ... heirloom cherry tomatoes avocado this
12:53 pm
is one of the things that you want to do at the last minute you can make the vinaigrette ahead of time but you need to put the crab mixture to gather fresh out a last-minute i cut the avocado and 2 bytes size pieces and at add the crab you want the crab in large lump pieces ... we had a little bit more salt and pepper ...
12:54 pm
traditionally with this dish you have some manas and chili sauceyo and chili sauce and i am hitting it with a little bit of brandy ... we are in good shape ... i am going to play thiste this.. and use the dressing michael jordan's steak houses
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located at 5 05 north michigan avenue here in chicago ... the recipe is on our web siteúm03p7@d8[ú08@1
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so peaceful. i could stare at it all night. let's light a fire.
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anncr: some things are better left unseen. introducing hefty blackout kitchen bags. white bags can't hide messes like blackout bags. hefty! hefty! hefty! and now the answer to today's trivia question? which writer's autobiography was published 100 years after his death at his wishes? the answer is mark twain he died in 1910 his autobiography was published in 2010. >>we're looking at that canadian coal their frontld air fronmt..
12:58 pm
it will be chilly the next couple of days but it will warm up over the weekend with a chance of showers sunday into monday. we're looking at all of the cloud cover later in the week the wind will cost 20 mi. per hour or more overnight ... the wind will die down tomorrow night setting up frosty conditions ... temperatures will rebound on saturday we will be up to 70 degrees well into the '70s by sunday ... we will be
12:59 pm
getting a warm air mass coast to coast across the united states by the end of next week ... there will be like apache frost to the west of the citlight patchy front west of the city overnight 60 tomorrow 65 friday 70 saturday well into the '70s on monday with a chance of thunderstorms >>thank you tom and thank you for joining us today we hope to have a great afternoon remember that we're back here at 5 and again at 9

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